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Increasing Risks of a 2nd Global Financial Crisis...

Written by Dennis Ng on .


As I have shared in public talks recently, I personally think there is an increased possibility of a 2nd Global Financial Crisis. In the months ahead, the global economy is likely to slowdown its growth, but year 2010 is likely to be alright.

The Next Crisis might come in year 2011 or year 2012, if I tell you I know exactly when then I'm a conman. However, increasingly, U.S. economy looks weak.

4 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Invest into UK Endowment?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

As some of you might know, I've invested over S$150,000 of my money into UK Endowment, which is a relatively safe and stable investments with Capital Guarantee in the form of Cash Value of the policy and with attractive returns of 4% to 8% per year.

Below are 4 Reasons why NOW might be a good time to invest into UK Endowments.

Learn How to Be an En-Bloc Millionaire on 7 Aug 2010...

Written by Dennis Ng on .

As you would know, buying property involves large amount of savings (over S$100,000 or more), any mistakes made can easily cause you “losses” of S$10,000 to over S$100,000 or more.

This is why I really urge you attend the 1-day Secrets to Making Money in Property Seminar, where I share how you can make money from property teaching you how to decide What Properties to buy, including how to identify properties with en-bloc Potential.