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Singapore Posts BEST Economic Growth, what does it mean to investors?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Welcome to the 134th Issue of Weekly e-newsletter by This week I like to share with you "Singapore posts BEST Economic Growth, what does it mean to investors?”

SINGAPORE: The Singapore government on Wednesday upgraded its 2010 economic growth forecast to a blistering 13 to 15 per cent, outstripping estimates of around 10 per cent growth in regional powerhouse China.

This will put Singapore on track to possibly becoming the world's fastest growing economy, surpassing even China.
Year 2010’s economic growth might even beat the all-time high of 13.8% reached in year 1970.
Are you feeling excited? Many are. Some are now starting to become comfortable enough to think of investing.
Wait a minute. If Year 2010 is the BEST time since history for Singapore and our growth might even surpass China, what does it mean? Well, it seems that it is almost impossible for year 2011 to beat year 2010….economic growth in year 2011 likely to slow down…..
Please remember whatever Economic Growth figure you read, whether the latest 2nd quarter 2010 released by Singapore, or latest figures coming out from China, U.S…….these are ALL HISTORY.
No investor makes money from History. The important question is WHAT will year 2011 look like? Of course, no one has a crystal ball, but it is possible to do some Logical Analysis to work out the Possible Scenarios for year 2011.
Let me ask you:
  1. in the months ahead, is Europe likely to try to reduce government deficit (reduce spending) or are they trying to increase spending.
Actually, Europe should be trying to spend more to stimulate the economy, but the problem is if they spend more and borrow more money, Credit Rating agencies such as Standards & Poor and Moody’s would downgrade their credit rating and their stock markets/currency will fall further. So what is Europe likely to do in the months ahead? Curb spending or increase spending?
  1. in the months ahead, is China likely to try to stimulate the economy further or is China worried about over-heating in its market and trying to reduce spending and withdraw money from its economy?
  2. in the months ahead, after pumping in so much trillions of dollars into the U.S. economy and keeping interest rates at near zero, is U.S. likely to increase pumping money into the economy or thinking of how to “withdraw” money from economy?
These above 3 are the BIGGEST economies in the World, with China constituting 8%, Europe 21% and U.S. 23%, or 52% of the Global Economies.
With these top 3 economies likely to slowdown, do you think that year 2010 is probably the PEAK (The BEST) year for Global Economic Growth or is year 2011 likely to be even better?
I shared on News Radio 93.8 FM on 12 Jul 2010 (listen to it here:
that in order to make money from investing, one simple way is to Buy Low, Sell High.
In Oct 2008, after collapse of Lehman Brothers, while most people were very fearful and worried, I was busy investing into stocks at Low Prices.
In year 2009 itself, my overall investment portfolio gained by over 40%, similarly, Temasek Holdings also showed they grew their portfolio value by 42% in the last 12 months till Mar 2010.
The DJ couldn’t believe that making money is that easy, Buy Low, Sell High, so next Monday, 19 Jul 2010, at 7.20 am he will continue to ask me “How to Buy Low and Sell High”.
Most investors lose money in investing, becos they prefer to Buy High, Sell Low. If you only start investing when the Economy is posting RECORD (BEST) numbers, do you think you’re likely to Buy High or Buy Low.
Common sense is NOT common, and few people bother to learn how to invest before they invest, and they keep asking why they always lose money in investing.
If you want to learn the “Secrets to Making Money in Stocks”, here’re the details:
(Note: we have a track record where ALL 100% of our graduates made back in money more than what they paid in seminar fees, a record NO ONE else have).
If you pay S$2,000 and get back S$5,000 or more, is this a Good investment (in investment knowledge) or Wasting Money? Most people cannot differentiate Investment (get in returns more than what you paid) and Wasting Money, which is why most people hesitate when it comes to investing but does not blink an eye when they buy the LV bag or that luxury watch. Most people lack money sense.
Note: above is just my personal opinion. This e-newsletter is not giving you advice.

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