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Dennis shares on 93.8 FM News Radio How to Buy Low and Sell High in Stocks?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Dennis Ng wrote a Book entitled "Mastering Your Personal Finance" sharing that it is possible for an average Singaporean to become a Millionaire by age 39. Dennis was interviewed for his motivation in writing this book and his views on why Most Singaporeans do not have enough money to retire by age 55.

Dennis shows it is possible for an Average person earning S$6,000 a month to reach One Million Dollars in 15 years, despite just earning total income of S$1.08 milion. It is possible, since he has done it himself and he shares with News Radio Listeners HOW he did it on 12 Jul 2010 7.20 am. If you miss this broadcast, here it is for you:


How to Buy Low and Sell High in Stocks?

How to Buy Low and Sell High in Property?

Can this be done, Dennis says yes, and he has done it, let him explain to you how it can be done on News Radio 93.8 FM today on 19 Jul 2010 7.20 am. If you missed this Broadcast, here it is for you:

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