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Why did Dennis Resign from Bank 10 years ago?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Welcome to the 133rd Issue of Weekly e-newsletter by This week I like to share with you "Why did Dennis resign from bank 10 years ago?”

If you have a chance to learn from one of China's Top Entrepreneurs, would you be interested?

From 29 Jul 2010 to 1 Aug 2010, for 4 days, I'll be in China, learning from Huang Ming, 黄鸣 one of the very successful entrepreneurs in China, who will be sharing how he applied Business concepts in his business, with explanation of the Business Concepts by one of my sifus, "Lin Wei Xian".

His company website is here: 

On 28 Jun 2010, Huang Ming was in Singapore, and I listened to a 2 hour talk by him, sharing his journey.

15 years ago , he was in the Oil industry, he could have stayed on in the industry and make lots of money, but once when he went to “Tai Hu”, a scenic place in China and discovered that what was once clean waters of Tai Hu, became mulky and dirty. Disgusted, he cut short his visit to Tai Hu…

He realized that oil is a finite resource and the problem is it caused a Lot of Pollution, so he knows that if people continue to “destroy” the Earth, one day, humans might not even be able to survive. Looking at the innocent eyes of his young daughter then, he decided that in “order for our children and grand children can have Clear Blue Sky and Clean Air”, he left his Comfortable Job in the Oil Industry and went into the Solar Power industry, hoping to change people’s habits by first getting people in China to use Solar Water Heaters.

He started small from a “pasar malam” stall, then as he made money, he reinvested into his business….in the initial few years, his Main Focus was Educating the public on “why they should switch to using Solar Energy”… was an uphill task, people look at his company’s Solar Water Heater and don’t know what machine is it….when he had enough money, he bought a Fleet of Vans, and get all his Staff to drive to different parts of China, giving out his company’s Newsletter on Solar Power, to try to educate the public all over China…most of his competitors laughed at his “foolishness” of doing thing that make no business sense.

One of his dream then is to have a “town” fully powered by Solar Power, but it looked such a distant dream then….

Today, 15 years later, in Shandong, De Zhou, he has Built a Solar Power Town, yes, the entire town powered by Solar Power, and the “impossible”, has become Reality.

And today his company headquarters is shown in this video, in the video all the “singers” are his Management Staff, (yes, some of them are just in their twenties)

Do you feel inspired by his story? By this video showing his Vast Headquarters? I am. On 28 Jun 2010, as I listened to him sharing that he “went into Solar Business” not becos he thinks he can make lots of money but he feels so strongly about his “mission” to educate more people to use Solar Power…he didn’t make his calculations before plunging into this industry.

I almost teared becos I can identify with every single word he said. In year 2000, I resigned from a comfortable job in the bank, to become a Financial Planner. Becos I want to pursue My Passion and Mission to first learn how to Manage and Grow my own money and then I will teach the Public Financial Literacy, to help the public, including you, to learn how to Manage and Grow your money so that you can reach YOUR Financial Freedom.

In early years, no one know what is Mortgage Broking. Similar to Huang Ming, I had to educate the Public what is Mortgage Broking and how Mortgage Broking firm can help you get the BEST deal in Housing Loans….the first few years were very hard, in year 2003, my wife and I had to stand at HDB Hub, giving out flyers to the public….with countless people saying NO to our faces…

In year 2008, I finally reached my own Financial Freedom and I know the time has come for me to Educate the Public on Financial Literacy. I launched the First Bilingual Book on Personal Finance “Mastering Your Personal Finance” in year 2009, I also started conducting seminars, including “How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars” (the next session is on 10 July 2010).

You can register and pay for the seminar here:

With the development of China and India, the Middle Class in Singapore will find Life getting tougher 10 years from now, as "competition" means there is a Cap on how much your salary can Increase, while various Pressures will result in Cost of Living going up.

As a middle class earner, you will NOT get most of the subsidies, whether for Medical or other things, given to the Poor.

On the other hand, your income would be enough to make a Living but NOT sufficient for you to accumulate Your Retirement Funds if you don't learn How to Earn more than 3% annually on your Savings (becos inflation is 3%, any returns below 3% means you’re becoming poorer and poorer over time)....

Why S$1 million, becos with increasing Cost of Living, this might be the MINIMUM you need to achieve, to be able to Retire in Singapore.

“How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars” (the next session is on 10 July 2010).

You can register and pay for the seminar here:

Attending this seminar is not a COST, it is NOT a Cost becos you will learn knowledge that can help you save at least S$5,000 and at least make S$5,000 extra…

Note: above is just my personal opinion. This e-newsletter is not giving you advice.

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