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My book Won the Popular Readers' Choice Award for Chinese Category

Written by Dennis Ng on .

My 2nd book "Why is Money Always Not Enough?" 为什么钱总是不够用?" won the Inaugural Popular Readers' Choice Award 2011 for Chinese Category!

These are the top 10 nominees for the Readers' Choice Award for 3 categories:

The award is based on votes by Readers. So this award is NOT possible without all of your tremendous support! I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making another of my Dream come True!

Imagine Chinese is only my 2nd Language, and imagine a Chinese 2nd language student writing a 100% Chinese book and winning a Book Award for Chinese Category against other accomplished writers such as Liang Wen Fook, to me, it is really quite an amazing journey!

Please help Vote My Book for Popular Readers' Choice Award 2011

Written by Dennis Ng on .

My 2nd book "Why is Money Always Not Enough?" “为什么钱总是不够用?"has been shortlisted as Top 10 book in the Chinese category of Popular Readers Choice Award 2011.

Now, I'm in the running for Top 3 based on popular vote.

If you like my book or want to support me, please help me vote online

Anyone with NRIC can cast a vote......

Closing date: 30 Sep 2011

If you want to, you can also copy and paste and send this as an email to your friends and urge them to help vote for me..