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My 3rd book (English) "What Your School Never Taught You About Money launching in 1 month's time...

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Counting down, 1 month to the launch of my 3rd Book (100% in English) "What Your School Never Taught You About Money" at Popular Bookfest at Suntec City Convention Centre on 19 Nov 2011...excited...

I'll be sharing all the things that Your School Never Taught You About Money, eg. What's the difference between Investing and Gambling?

Other topics shared in the book include:

What are the Laws of Money?
How to decide when to sell stocks?
What are the Common Mistakes in filing Income Tax return?
How to decode Housing Loan packages?
What can we learn from the Richest Investor about Investing?
Why Robert Kiyosaki's definition of Assets and Liabilities are wrong? Understanding what is a ETF?
Understanding what is a REIT?
Outlook for Stock and Property Market in year 2012/13?
How to prepare for the next Global Financial Crisis?

and many, many other topics...

Other topics include: What is Money?
What your school taught about Investments might be all wrong?
Why study hard and work hard no longer guarantee Success?
Making sense of SIBOR vs SOR for Home Loans;
Painful Lessons I learned from Asian Financial Crisis;
7 Strategies to fatten your Wallet;
Common Misconceptions taught in Financial Planning;
How to go from Money Not Enough to Financial Freedom?

And many, many more...

All in all, a total of 42 Topics will be covered in this book...