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Latest MAS Property Cooling Measures: How does it impact the different property buyers/investors?

Written by Patricia Hung on .

The latest MAS property cooling measures effective 12 Jan 2013 is considered the 'strongest' cooling measure that MAS has implemented to further 'cooled down' the buoyant property market. This is despite the various property cooling measures implemented earlier, dated all the way back in Sep 2009.

The continued increase in demand and rise in property prices has prompted MAS to act swiftly in less than 3 months after the last property cooling measure in Oct 2012, which was to limit on the loan tenor and loan amount.

How to Maximise Use of CPF Savings for Home Loan Instalments?

Written by Patricia Hung on .

In general, most of us will use CPF savings to pay for our properties. In this way, it will mean forking out lesser in cash and the additional cash on hand can be set aside for other uses.

Most people will also choose to maximise the repayment period on home loans to reduce the monthly instalments. One risk is that we might not be able to use our CPF savings to pay for our home loan instalments before the maturity of the loan.

This will happen when our properties reach the CPF Valuation Limit and Withdrawal Limit.

MAS New Loan Tenor Rule - Max 35 years. What are the implications?

Written by Patricia Hung on .

For the last 1 week, banks are withdrawing freebies/benefits which normally come with a housing loan package. A move prompted by MAS which is suspected to be control measures to tighten up the property market a little but which has been implemented in a subtle manner through the banks, without much publicity.

On 5 Oct 2012 Friday late evening, MAS announced yet another tightening measures on the property market. This time is on the loan tenor limit.