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What's the Real Cause of Unrest from Greece in Europe to Libya in Middle East?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

When the Cash stops flowing to the men on the street, Blood starts flowing on the streets...

The Real Cause of Unrest from Greece in Europe, to Libya in Middle Eas are:
1. High unemployment, especially among those between 18 to 28 years old
2. Corruption, top Tier of society "fleecing" the majority of the society.
3. Rising prices which shows in Rising Inflation rates...

The Power of Leverage in Property Investment

Written by Dennis Ng on .

This is the interview conducted with me and here's the interview to share with you:

The Power of Leverage in Property Investment - An Interview with Mr Dennis Ng

By Eileen Ng, (not a relative of Dennis Ng) founder of Moolah.Asia on 01 Nov 2010

Investing in property has become an increasingly popular investment vehicle over the years and it is no longer just a rich man’s game. However, one fact that remained unchanged is that property investment is, and always has been, one of the most powerful types of investment for building wealth.

Singapore Property Prices Reached New Record High, what is the Market Outlook?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

What are my views on the Singapore Property Market after the recent property cooling measures announced on 31 Aug 2010?

High End property market likely to go up higher, becos compared to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, High End Property prices in Singapore is still "cheap" (cheaper by about 30% to 50%).

However, HDB Resale Flats' prices likely to already peak with the latest property measures. Cash Over Valuation is likely to drop as private property owners have been barred from buying HDB flats and HDB Resale Flats' Transactions and Resale Prices also likely to fall in year 2011.