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Basic Information on Commercial Property Loan that you should be aware

Written by Patricia Hung on .

With the latest restrictions on residential and industrial properties, we have seen an increase in number of enquiries and applications for commercial property loans. What are some of the basic things to look out in a commercial property loan?

Investing in commercial property is deemed to have higher risks compared to investing in residential property. One of the reasons is due to the fact that commercial property is restricted to commercial use only. To banks, it may not be as easy to dispose off a commercial property in times of loan default and repossession compared to a residential property. To the investors, in times of poor economic condition, a commercial property may take a longer time to be tenanted out compared to a residential property, which could otherwise be turned into owner occupied property or tenanted at a lower rate.

Latest MAS Property Cooling Measures: How does it impact the different property buyers/investors?

Written by Patricia Hung on .

The latest MAS property cooling measures effective 12 Jan 2013 is considered the 'strongest' cooling measure that MAS has implemented to further 'cooled down' the buoyant property market. This is despite the various property cooling measures implemented earlier, dated all the way back in Sep 2009.

The continued increase in demand and rise in property prices has prompted MAS to act swiftly in less than 3 months after the last property cooling measure in Oct 2012, which was to limit on the loan tenor and loan amount.