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Increasing Risks of a 2nd Global Financial Crisis...

Written by Dennis Ng on .


As I have shared in public talks recently, I personally think there is an increased possibility of a 2nd Global Financial Crisis. In the months ahead, the global economy is likely to slowdown its growth, but year 2010 is likely to be alright.

The Next Crisis might come in year 2011 or year 2012, if I tell you I know exactly when then I'm a conman. However, increasingly, U.S. economy looks weak.

What's likely to happen is that U.S. govt will be forced to pump in more money as the economy slows down, and this pumping of money might cause Global Stock Markets to "recover" and move up higher.....but then again, it is likely to discover that the money is like going down a black hole.... and when that happens.....then the 2nd Global Financial Crisis might begin.....

I hope this does NOT happen. However, if it does, I am prepared for it.
The question is:"Are you prepared if a 2nd Global Financial Crisis happens?"

Currently, I have 20% in Cash and likely to increase my Cash position if and when I see any major reversal in Global Stock Market Trend...I have about 35% invested into stocks....thus, it is possible if I sell stocks, I can raise my Cash position to 55% or even higher, since every month I'm increasing my Cash position through regular savings...

Time is running out.

Your BEST Protection is to Quickly Attend the Seminars I conduct, so that you can increase your Financial Knowledge, to help you better prepare for the uncertainties ahead...

One day, your only regret might be not attending my Seminars earlier as some of my graduates said this when shared what regrets they have.

Whether you attend my seminars or not does NOT make a Big Difference to me, but I know, deep inside my heart, that it'll make a BIG Difference to you. I'm like the child who read about Tsunami in school and warned others about a possible Tsunami...

The choice is yours to make. The BEST thing to do to prepare for a Financial Crisis is to increase your Financial Knowledge. I know, becos of my ignorance, in 1998, during the Asian Crisis, I lost half of all my I wished back then that someone can teach me so that I can avoid the losses...but I discovered this truth too late then...

Hope it is in time for you before the Next Crisis comes. And even if it is NOT so bad, not a Crisis, just a slow down, you're likely to increase your wealth by increasing your Financial Knowledge.


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