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4 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Invest into UK Endowment?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

As some of you might know, I've invested over S$150,000 of my money into UK Endowment, which is a relatively safe and stable investments with Capital Guarantee in the form of Cash Value of the policy and with attractive returns of 4% to 8% per year.

Below are 4 Reasons why NOW might be a good time to invest into UK Endowments.


Have you lost money in investments?

If you say no, either you have not started investing or you're not being totally honest.

One simple way to lose money from investing is to Buy High Sell Low.

Anyone who bought into stocks, China Funds, India funds in year 2007 would be looking at over 50% loss currently. Yet, many invested into China Fund in year 2007 when prices are high and wonder why are they losing money.

One simple way to Make money from investing is to Buy Low and Sell High.

Now is a very good opportunity and time to invest into UK Traded Endowment and here are the reasons why:

1. Sterling pounds is trading at the lowest level against S$ in over 30 years. Of course, no one can guarantee that this is the lowest level it can get, but the chances of the exchange rate to be higher in say, 5 years' time from now is very high and the chances of the exchange rate to be lower than current level is extremely unlikely in 5 years' time.

2. Most of the UK Insurers have already cut bonus on their Endowment policies. What it means is that the chance that UK Insurers might cut bonus further is low. In other words, the chance that UK Insurer can deliver the returns based on current Low bonus rates is very, very high.

3. In recent Global Financial Crisis, some financial institutions have collapsed. The unique thing about UK Traded Endowment is the Statutory Guarantee provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Even in the worst case scenario should the UK Insurer collapses, you still get back at least 90% of the Cash Value of the Endowment policy.

I cannot think of any other investment that offers such a high level of Protection and Guarantee.

4. Because of weak market conditions, it is possible to invest into UK Traded Endowment policies at a Low price now. Low price is bad for the sellers, but it is really good news for investors, who are buying the UK Traded Endowment policies.

Buy Low is one of the ways to reduce your risks. It is always good to buy things for a good bargain and at a great discount. Thus, I'm getting very excited, what about you?

If you like to find out more about UK Traded Endowment as a possible investment alternative for you, please call TEP Pte Limited at +65 6883 2235 or email us at


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