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Learn How to Be an En-Bloc Millionaire on 7 Aug 2010...

Written by Dennis Ng on .

As you would know, buying property involves large amount of savings (over S$100,000 or more), any mistakes made can easily cause you “losses” of S$10,000 to over S$100,000 or more.

This is why I really urge you attend the 1-day Secrets to Making Money in Property Seminar, where I share how you can make money from property teaching you how to decide What Properties to buy, including how to identify properties with en-bloc Potential.

This is how I accumulated my first million dollars, which was mainly from money I made from investing into Stocks and Property.

What are the Unique Things I shared in this Seminar which NO other seminars out there teach?

1. Real Property Financing Experience.
Dennis is the only person in Singapore that has 17 years of Bank Lending experience. Everything he shares about Property Financing are from Real Experience, not theory from books.

2. Have you heard of people who became Millionaire from en-bloc? Do you want to be one of them? He shares how you can identify “en-bloc” properties.

3. He’s the only one that teach you what to do Before and At Property Auctions.

4. He teaches tips on choosing different properties, walk-up apartment, condos, and landed properties.

5. what’s the difference in approach in buying property for Home stay and buying for Investing?

6. He teaches you the Investment Clock Concept, ie. what time to invest in what investments?

For this Secrets to Making Money in Property Seminar, please register and pay here by Credit Card:
Note: Seminar fees include over 100 pages of course materials, buffet lunch and 2 tea breaks.

if you encounter any problem, just call Roselin at 6339 9255 or myself (Dennis Ng) at 9852 0663.
Dennis Ng

Secrets to Making Money in Property Seminar

Date:_1 full-day_on 7_Aug_2010_Time : 9 am to 6 pm. (Registration at 8.30 pm, seminar starts at 9 am). 
Venue:_Blk 233 Bain Street, Bras Basah Complex #04-41 Singapore180231

Do you know that F & N and Mcdonalds Make More Money from Property than anything else?

What are the benefits to investing into Property?

What are the factors to consider before investing into Property?

What are the different types of property? And tips for buying landed property, condos, walk-up apartments etc.

How to reduce your risks when investing into property?

30 ways on what you can do to improve the value of your property?

How to calculate and assess whether a property has en-bloc potential?

Some Fengshui tips that will help you in choosing properties with Higher “Perceived” Market Value by buyers who believe in Fengshui

How to negotiate for higher prices if you want to sell your property?

How to negotiate for lower prices if you want to buy a property?

What you can learn from Donald Trump and Li Ka-Shing on investing in property?

Financing for property purchase, what’re the different approaches you can use for buying a Home and for buying Property for investment?

How one of my “sifus” build up over S$100 million property portfolio starting with just one property?

How to use “Market Cycle” investing to help in investing into property?

Note: above is just my personal opinion. This e-newsletter is not giving you advice.
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