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Your "have everything to gain and nothing to lose" service is Great!

Yes I am definitely will tell my friends about your service. Most Singaporean expect free service but want a lot of benefits. I’m really surprised that you are able to provide such a "have everything to gain and nothing to lose" service. It really fits the need of Singaporeans - James Tai

Thanks for Being a Great Advisor to My Housing Loan

I would like to thank you for your great help in 'pushing' for my loan application to Banker so that I am able to enjoy the lower interest rates in time. In addition, thank you for being a great 'advisor' to my housing issues as well. I have already told most of my friends to look for you if ever they need to review their financial plan for their home loans. Jenny

Thanks for your Knowledge and Good Advice

I am at this forum very often and through this forum I decided to emailed Dennis, and later I got the courage to telephone him. He was knowledgeable and gave me one very good advice that really helped me in my financial situation. He really helped solve my financing problem.

Today I am so much better off financially and enjoy greater peace of mind. I really want to thank him for his advice. Thanks.

Thanks for Insightful Information on Housing Loans

Hi. I've been receiving & reading your free newsletters for quite some time now and I must first of all thank you for this unique service that sheds light on the intricate business of housing loans. This sort of insightful information is extremely helpful to the layman. - Yew Yee

Great Help in Sourcing of Suitable Bank Loan

Dear Serene,

Thank you very much for your assistance in finding the most suitable bank loan for us. Everything had went smoother than I expected, and especially on such short notice!

And do give my appreciation and gratitude to banker, for rushing out the letter of offer for us on such short notice and accommodating us on the location and time for the meet up and signing of the letter of offer. He had been a great help and source on information for clarifying any doubts we had regarding the facilities. - Lilin & Terence