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You Really Lived up to your Business Philosophy of putting clients' interest first

I would like to thank you, Novel Hui of for the enthusiasm and professional services.

She provided prompt and useful advice to me and was able to quickly match my needs against a range of mortgage products. Applying the loan through had ensured me in getting the BEST DEAL. I am very impressed by her resourcefulness and perseverance in providing me up to minute information on which package is the most suitable for my home loan.

I’m really glad that their business philosophy “put clients’ interest above everything” (以客为先) is more than just words. – Mr Tok Aik Hong

Great Service, Unbiased Advice that is what customers want

I would like express a BIG thank you to Victor Wong of for his patience and advice during the loan application process. He had absolutely saved me the time and energy to look at what the banks in Singapore are offering. Approval took only about 2 days, which was much faster than what I had expected. He rendered great service and offered unbiased information and I believe that this is what customers really want from a mortgage broker. - Estee Chan

Excellent Advice and Service that I would gladly recommend

I'm very pleased with Novel Hui of for her excellent advice and service. She provided independent mortgage advice for my housing loan and was able to quickly match my needs against a range of latest available mortgage options from different banks. The loan process was transparent and Novel was really helpful in explaining the different bank's conditions and took time to understand my concerns.
Her excellent negotiation skill and good rapport with the bankers made the loan process a breeze. She even managed to secure a better loan package than what I could get directly (as a walk-in customer) from the bank itself.

Great and Efficient work on her part. I would gladly recommend Novel to help you in your loans. A big Thank You to - James Kok

You Truly Represent the Interest of Customers

Thank you very much for your help throughout this whole loan application process and making it rather painless for a layman like me. I will without a doubt recommend you, Novel Hui of to my friends for your excellent service - from patiently answering my queries, to unbiased and independent assessment of the different loan packages, to negotiating with the banker for the best deal. You truly represent the interest of the customers. - Simon Kong