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Stock Markets Are Moving Higher, Are You Getting Excited?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Many stocks have almost doubled in price in the last 2 months. eg. DBS from S$6+ to over S$12+, OCBC from $4 to almost $8....while this is exciting news for most people, and as the weeks passed by, more and more retail investors are jumping into the stock markets.

However, personally, I think that the surge from March 2009's low of 1,456 for STI till now is a little overdone. How much upside can you expect if you buy at 2,300 levels right now? For the S'pore market to go up to 2,600 is only 13% upside. What about the downside, is it possible for S'pore market to drop to about 1,800? If it drops to 1,800 levels, that is downside of 22%....

My Book Outsells Adam Khoo at the Singapore Book Fair!

Written by Dennis Ng on .

I went for the Autograph Signing Session for the launch of my book "Mastering Your Personal Finance" at Singapore Book Fair on 6 Jun 2009 (Sat).

My distributor said that my book actually outsells Adam Khoo's books at the Book Fair. I was very delighted with this news.

This Chinese/English book is entitled: "Mastering Your Personal Finance 如何做个理财掌门人

He said probably because my book has Both English and Chinese Content, thus able to appeal to more people in Singapore....

U.S. Economy's Recovery May Have Stalled....

Written by Dennis Ng on .

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. economy's recovery may have stalled after data on Wednesday showed half a million private sector jobs were lost in May and mortgage applications fell last week as rising interest rates frightened away buyers.

One ray of hope though came from another report showing planned layoffs at U.S. firms fell for a fourth consecutive month in May, reaching the lowest level in eight months.

The data adds to the policy dilemma facing the Federal Reserve, which has committed trillions of dollars of financial resources to keep interest rates low as it tries to end the worst recession in decades.