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Author of Sun Tzu on Investing, Curtis J. Montgomery, Endorses Dennis' Book!

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Most of us are not taught much about personal finance and investment during our school days.

Sure, we learn all the basics—math, science, literature and history—and enter the real world armed with all the necessary skills to land a good job and earn a living. Paradoxically, we are also still in the dark about what basic finance skills are necessary to help us reach a comfortable retirement.

H1N1 Might Become Global Pandemic, Possibel to Derail Stock Market Recovery...

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Some people asked me what could possibly happen to "derail" the stock market recovery?

Actually, many things can happen unexpectedly. Any possible war/conflict in North Korea/South Korea; any possible war/conflict in Middle East, including Iran; any unexpected bad news on U.S. economy; any unexpected bad news from China; and last but not least H1N1 (swine flu) might become a Global Pandemic....and when it happens, the impact might be worse than year 2003's SARS....

Robert Kiyosaki says that US$ will go to zero. What is Dennis' View?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Robert Kiyosaki and his "team" of advisors were in Singapore recently to conduct a 2-day seminar. During the seminar, Robert Kiyosaki warned that US$ might go down to zero...

Actually, I disagree with his view. He forgot something. The US$ is currently the World Reserve Currency. Most countries have alot of their foreign reserves in US$. Secondly, U.S. is the world's largest Debtor nation (owes the most money).

Imagine if you lend money to someone and this guy goes to zero, what will happen to you? You will also go down the drain with him. That is the situation the whole world is facing right now.