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Our Services

Planning to Buy a HDB flat or Private Property?

Partner us to take care of your Housing Loan.

  • Quick assessment of how much cash/ CPF and bank loan required for your purchase
  • Seek pre-approval of your bank loan (In Principle Approval)
  • Get access to updated loan rates from all banks
  • Obtain indicative valuations on properties
  • Enjoy one-stop service to secure your bank loan

Is it worthwhile to Refinance your Home Loan?

Tell us your loan requirements. We'll help you review. 

  • Review loan period and monthly instalment
  • Provide Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Compare your options
  • Cash out/ Equity Term Loan
  • Transfer of Property Ownership (Decoupling / Add new owner)


Count on our Expertise and Personalised Service to provide a best-fit solution.

With our guidance, loan application has never been easier and hassle-free.

Above all, you enjoy our service for FREE as we are paid by banks for successful deals. 

HousingLoanSG - Your One-stop Housing Loan Solution

Why Us?

1. Experienced and Trustworthy

Established since year 2003 as pioneer in Mortgage Broking, we have gained the trust of many by staying true to our philosophy - Putting Clients' Interest Above Everything. Served by an experienced and dedicated team, we have successfully helped thousands of clients secure their loans.

2. Easy and Hassle-free

A one-stop solution to get latest rates and personalised guidance for your mortgage loans, saving time and effort in checking/applying with multiple banks.

3. Savings in $$

We help our clients get more savings in every possible aspect, including legal fees. On case by case basis, we have successfully helped our clients negotiate better rates for their loans.

4. Loan Comparison Like No Other

Our comprehensive and detailed loan comparison is our way of helping our clients make informed decision about their loans.

5. Long-Term Relationship

It has always been about long-term relationship when comes to taking care of our clients.

We know what matters most to you. Contact us now to get started.
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